I just received the magnificent coat and it exceeded all my expectations
for gorgeousness. 
Thank you very much!!!
Ada (online customer!)
Good evening!
Just wanted to share some feedback.
I wore my lime green coat on this crisp frosty day in n. Virginia. The mood everywhere is grey and subdued. I wore ‘your’ coat to stay warm, and cheer myself up.
The response has been startling!
I have never received so many compliments in such a short time. Best of all, they came from people who worked in various couture industries (Cartier etc). When asked I told them that we met at the PMA craft show. Most were regular visitors and will be looking out for you at the upcoming shows.
Bottom line - we all have an eye for a great product (I am an ex curator)- You have an amazing coat collection . Just confirming what I hope you already know. 👍
Thank you 🌺
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Loving my leather vest from Baltimore and wearing it alot with lots of compliments!  Maybe see you there again next  year.
Happy Thanksgiving and all the best,
Last Saturday at the Morristown Crafts Show my husband purchased for me the Spanish Shearling fitted coat. We had no intention of setting out to buy me a coat, but in that moment when we looked into your booth and saw the exquisite designs and perfection of craft......... it was a question we did not even have to ask. Then putting the coat on was a visual transformation as it captured for me qualities of playfulness, sophistication and allure. The practical side is that it is deliciously warm. I know that I will always delight in wearing it, and also delight in the spontaneity of the purchase.
Anna, New Jersey
Oh my gosh - that coat is stunning!  I want to wear it without clothes on its so luxurious! Thank you so much.  I actually can't wait for it to be cold.  The fit is perfect. I have plenty of room for two layers underneath.  I can't believe it!!!!!!
Elissa, Brooklyn
Thankyou so much my jacket came today and I love it . The fit,design, and color are
just what I wanted. It was wonderful doing business with you,again, many thanks.
Best regards 
Adrianne, Long Island
Hi Maryszka…  Looking forward to spring, but I’ve have certainly needed and truly enjoyed my coats this winter!   Also, as always, received many compliments.
Best regards,
Ann, Westchester, NY
I consider myself a collector of Toshiki and Maryszka’s fabulous creations.
I own 6 coats and my husband owns 1. I also own a very hot pink bag that makes a statement. I have an oil cloth rain coat, a cloth coat, a leather swing coat, a cape, a shearling, and a one of a kind butter soft leather coat. My husband owns a shearling. With my coats, I am covered for three seasons. There is never a time, where someone doesn’t marvel at the
handiwork on the coats.
Chris, Connecticut
Loved meeting you both at the preview, and Joyce loves the very special jacketwhich Toshiki picked out just for her. I hope you are having as wonderful a
time in Philadelphia at the Craft Show as we had; this was our 30th Philadelphia Craft Show Preview as visitors, as well as our 39th Wedding Anniversary
"date night"..
Thanks for making the evening, and the event, very special for us!
Peace, Love, Et Joie De Vivre!
David and Joyce
PMA Craft
I still get compliments when I wear it. 
I think the coat is amazing for 10 years old!!  Best I have ever had!!
From Kati, in Philadelphia, who orderd another just like it with different stitch color, to get her thru the next ten years
Hi Maryszka
I received my coat and it's wonderful!!!  Thanks so much.
Happy New Year
Mary Ann 
PMA Craft & CraftMorristown
I got to wear my beautiful new coat today  &  felt so "grand"!!!!
Joni, CraftLyndhurst
 I have always loved the long black shearling coat I bought from you at the Evanston show about 5 years ago - liked the "sleeve guard" that you put in the coat
to keep me cozy and warm...and I can attest that even in these very cold days, the coat did it's job and more !
Not only was I warm in this frigid weather but looked good too!
The feel of the shearling around my face is the best - the new collar looks even better suited to that job...glad to see the resurrection of leather - I still get
more comments on the leather jacket I bought from you  ages and ages ago than almost anything I else I own.... glad to hear you made it through the worst
(hopefully) of winter...
American Craft Exposition
 Hi Maryszka...  The coats just arrived.  They are exquisite and the fit is perfect on both!   Again thank you for making a special trip to my house and I do
appreciate your getting the coats out to me so quickly.  Our crazy weather can change up very quickly.  Have a good winter...  I can't wait for the temperature
to drop.
Best regards,
Private appointment client in Westchester
 The jacket arrived…and it is perfect!
I forgot how beautiful it was.
Thank you,
Berkshire Craft Fair
 Dear Maryszka,
 I LOVE my blue poncho and wore it all weekend!
Berkshire Craft Fair
The coat has arrived and it is all that I would have hoped for!
Berkshire Craft Fair
D I V I N E !
D I V I N E !
D I V I N E !
                   Thank you both for the beautiful cape! Gratefully, Susan
 I actually purchased this beautiful coat @ the Paradise City Show in Marlboro, Ma., yesterday. Not only gorgeous, but the fit was perfect.. Best part: this coat is warm enough for a
serious New England winter, but not bulky and too warm as some leather/shearling coatsm, especially full length, tend to be.
Downside: I purchased it at the end of March, instead of
last fall when I could have enjoyed it every single day of the terrible winter of 2013! :):) Lovely sales lady, helpful, very nice manner. Thank you all – I’ll cherish this forever!
Paradise City Arts, Marlborough