Made to Measure and Virtual Fittings

Fit is a problem for so many of us, and over the years custom sizing has been our specialty. Please contact us if you would like to go this route, and we will guide you through the process. Until live Events can happen again, we can send you a sample close to your size, and go from there.

The Process

Here's Miriam at a show, trying on a coat. Not her size, so she ordered a custom fit.  Since we can't see you at a show during the Pandemic, we can ship you a piece to try on and go through the same process.

As fit was not right, we made her a muslin and sent it to her. She tried muslin as she would wear it, over just a sweater, or a suit. Then she sent us pics and we had a conversation. We wound up taking a bit out of the back, and could see that the hemline was not hanging right.

The Finished Piece

She also wanted to change the accent color to red, her favorite. "Perfect!"

This is her third coat from us! Thank you for choosing us Miriam.